Broken IKEA Expedit case fixed

I was given an old IKEA Expedit case, flat packed, that was missing screws and dowels. One of the edges was broken, while the piece was being dismantled.  

I thought I could use it as storage/temp work bench until I had the time to build something more permanent.

Fixing the broken piece was easy. Nothing a bit of glue could not mend. As this was going to stay in my workshop, I didn’t try to make it nice in any way.

Putting it together was also easy. I glued some of the dowels in place and found some IKEA screws that fit it perfectly, so I was up and running with minimal effort.

Reusing furniture makes sense. In general IKEA pieces don’t age well. Before throwing it away it makes sense to consider reusing it in a different room/function. If you have to throw it away, it’s always a good idea to salvage screws and other IKEA parts, for future projects.