Hard Drive troubles and tips

A friend of mine came to me with the following issue. Her computer was slow and they took it to PC World.  All the technicians did was to reinstall Windows from the Recovery partition. No change in performance… Then my friend realised she was missing some important documents!… I told her to stop using it immediately […]

Popular Mechanics Ad Fest…

Our web browsing experience has deteriorated over the past few months, as Taboola and a few other companies have tried and successfully convinced  a large number of online publishers that they can help them monetise their online properties. Online publishers also modify their pages to ensure that maximise their page views. An article that should […]

Hacking an IKEA mirror [part 4]

  This is how the final product looks like on my desk.  I now need to write a python script which will translate  various button combinations into actions. Stay tuned…

Hacking an IKEA mirror [part 3]

Step one was to draw the positions of the buttons on a piece of paper. I secured the drawing with some tape.  I first drilled pilot holes, then used a 16mm metal drillbit to widen the hole.   A step drillbit was then used to accurately widen the button holes to the right size.   An […]

News & Interesting sites…

I had a day off today and ended up spending most of it surfing. Here are some interesting sites I found: The following site has a great dissection of the Logitech 9000 pro camera, one of the best hi-def webcams for Linux: LINK. Nanonote: a tiny $99 laptop that can run linux but has very […]