Playing with Python in the wild Amazon (elastic cloud)

This Easter bank holiday, I spent some time working on a little problem I have at work with a simulation I’m writing in Python. It’s basically a Monte-Carlo simulation which is performing billions of calculations. To be more exact, the simulation is a script that performs about half a million of calculations and it has […]

Turnkey Linux Fileserver

One of the great things about linux is its versatility. Ironically, this is one of its problems too… What do I mean by that? Simple. If I download a standard linux distribution with the purpose of setting up a file server, I will probably end up spending the better part of a weekend setting it […]

Multiple computers on a desk…

At work, I have been working with two computers over the past few years. That involved having two screens, two mice and two keyboards on my desk. I wasn’t very pleased but I could live with it. When I realised I would have to get a third computer, it became apparent that I needed a […]

Arduino/Ikea Lamp – 4,000 views…

40 days ago, I added here a post about a “hacked” IKEA lamp; a simple lamp, fitted with 20 RGB leds, an arduino board and a push-to-make switch which I built as a gift to the 2 year old daughter of a good friend of mine. Now, the lamp has appeared on the front page […]

About Amazon Web Services…

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has been around for a while, but I never thought I was the target audience for it, so I never really looked into that. Last weekend, I had the following problem to solve: I’m working on a model, that realistically needs approx 1,000 “normal” PCs in order to run within an […]

Open source hydrogen car

There is a fantastic article on the BBC News website, regarding a new hydrogen car: There are way too many new designs in the market for hydrogen cars and I wouldn’t normally post anything about them. What I found interesting about this one, is the fact that the manufacturer is planning on making the […]