Theodora’s Music Box

This is a short video of a project I completed last month: a music box for my goddaughter.

This music box was put together using a Lego storage box, a raspberrypi B+ and a speaker, along with a few MP3s of original music box sounds and lullabies.

Python and a few bash scripts took care of the software side of things.

I’ll add some code at a later stage.

Italian workshop on Arduino/Ikea Lamps!

It came to my attention today that a workshop took place in Italy a while ago on Arduino/Ikea lamps. This was an Arduino Workshop, part of the Torino Design Week.

Event Description:

Video on Vimeo:

Arduino Code:

Blog post:

My original Arduino/Ikea lamp post was used quite a bit. One of my photos was used on the event description
and a few code posts referenced my site. I was surprised to see that I even got a credit on the video posted at Vimeo! Thanks guys!

DECODE – Exhibition at the V&A Museum…

Yesterday, I visited the Decode exhibition at the V&A museum

This exhibition is about creating interactive pieces using modern technology. It’s a rather small exhibition, probably due to the fact that few artists have embraced the new technologies currently being developed.

Many of the exhibits I saw, I was already familiar with:

Flight Patterns (one of my favourites) –

We Feel Fine –

Weave Mirror,  similar to the wooden mirrors from the same artist Р

Flow 5.0 –

Many of the exhibits are using Processing, open Frameworks,  Arduinos (or other similar devices).

I loved this exhibition; my only issue was that it wasn’t big enough…