Wireless bell

We have a Friedland wireless bell. It’s the one of the Libra+ series. It’s a great bell (D913), but the battery life on the doorbell (D930) is poor. The push button uses a CR2032 coin battery, which provides 3V, but it only lasts for a month. Changing battery every month is far from ideal and […]

No Hacking?! Why not?

While on a business trip in Virginia, I saw this number plate: hmm…  I accept Richard Stallman’s definition ofhacking: “Playfully doing something difficult, whether useful or not, that is hacking.” With this in mind, I’d ask the owner of this car: “why not?”

Meet ESP-8266

And when we thought things couldn’t get smaller… Here is an amazing little board with plenty of i/o, wifi, micro-usb and on board antenna. Almost same size as an SD card and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE we all know and love. Wow! There is one thing this board needs. A new name. […]

4G & Frequent US trips

The following setup has worked for me in the past. I’m sharing it online in case someone else find it useful too. First I bought and activated a hotspot jetpack from Verizon. I got the card from a Walmart while I was there. Before you buy a hotspot, check online to see which companies cover […]

EE vs Virgin

I recently got a 4G phone and realised that my then provider, Virgin, did not support 4G. I started looking for alternatives and EE was the obvious choice. I ran a speednet test before I removed the Virgin simcard and one with the new EE simcard installed.       I just couldn’t believe the difference! […]