4G & Frequent US trips

The following setup has worked for me in the past. I’m sharing it online in case someone else find it useful too.

First I bought and activated a hotspot jetpack from Verizon. I got the card from a Walmart while I was there. Before you buy a hotspot, check online to see which companies cover the area you are planning on visiting.

i pay $100 for 10GB and that’s active for 2 months.


Recharging it is a bit if a pain. Verizon won’t accept a non-US credit card, and I don’t really like the scratch cards, so what I do is to use the Recharge.com service.

Looks dodgy (come on guys spend $100 on making your site a bit better!), but it seems to work. There is a max limit, so it takes a few paypal payments to get it to the limit I want. Still!…