EE vs Virgin

I recently got a 4G phone and realised that my then provider, Virgin, did not support 4G. I started looking for alternatives and EE was the obvious choice. I ran a speednet test before I removed the Virgin simcard and one with the new EE simcard installed.       I just couldn’t believe the difference! […]

Converting your BT landline to VoIP

About a year ago I moved to a different area and BT could not transfer my old London number to an address that belongs to a different area code. The solution was move my number to a VoIP provider.

Arduino Cookbook on its way!

A Safari Online subscription was one of the best things I took on in 2010. As part of the service, subscribers can access early drafts of Oreilly books. Yesterday, I had a quick look at the upcoming “Arduino Cookbook” and I here is my review. I really like the Oreilly “Cookbook” series. With most programming […]

iPad review

I’ve had my iPad for about 9 months now and it has truly changed my life. I’m not a person that gets every single gadget on the planet and I’m not an Apple fan either. The iPad was my first Apple gadget, and I, overall, I have to say that I have been very impressed. […]