Dropbox.com – Or “How on earth did we do this before”?

I first heard about this service on SparkFun’s blog. Dropbox has a very simple concept: it allows you to seamlessly share files with many computers and users. It’s easier to use than a USB key. Installation is a breeze; the software works integrates with windows and the web interface (when you need it) is extremely […]

About Amazon Web Services…

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has been around for a while, but I never thought I was the target audience for it, so I never really looked into that. Last weekend, I had the following problem to solve: I’m working on a model, that realistically needs approx 1,000 “normal” PCs in order to run within an […]

About Wordle.net

This is a very nice web tool, written in Java, that can create images like the one shown below, based on some text you provide. The image below was created on the fly, using the rss feed of this blog. I’m sure something similar could be written Processing, but it’s nice to know that there […]