Broken IKEA Expedit case fixed

I was given an old IKEA Expedit case, flat packed, that was missing screws and dowels. One of the edges was broken, while the piece was being dismantled.   I thought I could use it as storage/temp work bench until I had the time to build something more permanent. Fixing the broken piece was easy. […]

Working with wood

I have recently started toying witth the idea of creating stuff using timber. Previously, due to lack of space and for the shake of my marriage, I refrained from working with timber. No matter how I tried to spin it, there is not enough space in an one-bed flat for wood-working… Now I have a […]

DS1307 RTC chip from Adafruit

RaspberryPi is a great budget computer. To keep the cost of the unit down, there is no real time clock. This is usually taken care of by the software: the operating system gets the accurate date-time automatically from one of the time servers. When a RaspberryPi is kept offline but accurate time keeping is needed, […]

Robot Challenge 008

As promised, here is a video I’ve put together of the RC mode. Robot Challenge 008 from Arkadian.Eu on Vimeo. Also as promised, here is the Python code which, when run on a Raspberry Pi, it receives OSC signals from my iPad, interprets them and gets the Arduino board to perform the required action. This […]

Robot Challenge 007

I had a productive couple of days. Arkadian AV-1 is now operational as a remote control vehicle. Arduino I’m using the StandardFirmata library on the Arduino Mega 2560, with no modifications whatsoever. It was by far the easiest way to get RaspberryPi to control the 4 motors, receive feedback from the 4 sensors (on order […]