Hard Drive troubles and tips

A friend of mine came to me with the following issue. Her computer was slow and they took it to PC World.  All the technicians did was to reinstall Windows from the Recovery partition. No change in performance… Then my friend realised she was missing some important documents!… I told her to stop using it immediately […]

Web server on demmand

import sys, BaseHTTPServer from SimpleHTTPServer import SimpleHTTPRequestHandler   HandlerClass=SimpleHTTPRequestHandler ServerClass=BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer   protocol = "HTTP/1.0" host = "" port = 8888 server_address = (host, port) HandlerClass.protocol_version = protocol httpd = ServerClass(server_address, HandlerClass)   sa = httpd.socket.getsockname() print "Serving HTTP on", sa[0], "port", sa[1], "…" httpd.serve_forever() The above example serves all pages/files in the current directory, as […]

Hacking an IKEA mirror [part 5]

I needed a case for the RaspberryPi. The good thing about the RPi being a business card-sized computer is that it fits nicely in a plastic box from old business cards. If you look on Ebay, you can buy 20 of them for £5 including delivery. The boxes make fantastic custom RPi cases! I didn’t […]