Robot Challenge 008

As promised, here is a video I’ve put together of the RC mode. Robot Challenge 008 from Arkadian.Eu on Vimeo. Also as promised, here is the Python code which, when run on a Raspberry Pi, it receives OSC signals from my iPad, interprets them and gets the Arduino board to perform the required action. This […]

Robot Challenge 007

I had a productive couple of days. Arkadian AV-1 is now operational as a remote control vehicle. Arduino I’m using the StandardFirmata library on the Arduino Mega 2560, with no modifications whatsoever. It was by far the easiest way to get RaspberryPi to control the 4 motors, receive feedback from the 4 sensors (on order […]

Robot Challenge 006

Not as productive as I hoped this weekend. I managed to complete the cable harness of the motors and blue leds (which was rather boring but important for the project) and tried out a new look (as I’m moving away from the use of reel cans as my chassis). Here is the cable harness, before […]

Robot Challenge 004

The chassis is now more or less operational. Here is a video of it being controlled by an arduino. Robot Challenge 004 from Arkadian.Eu on Vimeo. In this example, all wheels get the same movement instructions, but, as the weight of the battery is falling mostly on one wheel, the rotation is not perfect. In […]

Vex Motors on Arduino

Vex motors (with the Vex Motor Controller 29) are essentially servos. To use them on an Arduino as motors, all you need to do is figure out the “angles” that give you the right speed. The problem is that all motors are slightly different. To find the right angles for my motors, I simply modified […]

Robot Challenge 003

Today I worked on a few necessary but rather boring parts of the construction. I got the Sparkfun compass module from Proto-Pic and spent a few hours setting it up and calibrating it. I used the HMC5883L Arduino library example to generate the following: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 […]