Robot Challenge 004

The chassis is now more or less operational. Here is a video of it being controlled by an arduino.

Robot Challenge 004 from Arkadian.Eu on Vimeo.

In this example, all wheels get the same movement instructions, but, as the weight of the battery is falling mostly on one wheel, the rotation is not perfect.

In any case, this will be fixed when I have the final balanced chassis and of course the compass module connected and the Raspberry Pi module correcting the movement.

Next week, I’ll focus on the second part of the chassis. I will use film reels from PEC:


I’ll have one for the motor section at the bottom reel, a battery section, a brain (RPi & Arduino) section and a sensor reel at the top. The logitech sphere camera will be sitting at the top, giving it a “Cyclop” look.

I’m also planning on adding a few blue LEDs at the bottom reel, which should give the robot a nice under-body glow.