EE vs Virgin

I recently got a 4G phone and realised that my then provider, Virgin, did not support 4G. I started looking for alternatives and EE was the obvious choice. I ran a speednet test before I removed the Virgin simcard and one with the new EE simcard installed.       I just couldn’t believe the difference! […]

Interesting blog on onboarding

I just came across this interesting blog post on onboarding new team members. Written by Kate Heddleston, a programmer who also enjoys talking about team management.

This is just a note to thyself about a fantastic project I stumbled upon by chance today.   This project allows the user to build nice and user-friendly dashboards easily. I'll be using it soon for a couple of projects I have in mind.

Lulu & LaTeX

Today, while searching for advice on how to publish a book on Lulu, I stumbled upon Jason Brownlee’s blog. He has published a book using Lulu and Latex. The book is available as a free download from Lulu and on Amazon Jason has a post with great advice on publishing a book with Lulu. It […]