Arduino Cookbook on its way!

A Safari Online subscription was one of the best things I took on in 2010. As part of the service, subscribers can access early drafts of Oreilly books. Yesterday, I had a quick look at the upcoming “Arduino Cookbook” and I here is my review. I really like the Oreilly “Cookbook” series. With most programming […]

Italian workshop on Arduino/Ikea Lamps!

It came to my attention today that a workshop took place in Italy a while ago on Arduino/Ikea lamps. This was an Arduino Workshop, part of the Torino Design Week. Event Description: Video on Vimeo: Arduino Code: Blog post: My original Arduino/Ikea lamp post was used quite a bit. One of […]

WiShield from async_labs

This past week, I got my hands on a WiShield 2.0 from Async Labs ( This is a very exiting addition to my collection of shields as it adds wifi capabilities to my projects! There is a nice wiki page on the async_labs site ( and relevant code (libraries & examples) is hosted at the […]

DECODE – Exhibition at the V&A Museum…

Yesterday, I visited the Decode exhibition at the V&A museum This exhibition is about creating interactive pieces using modern technology. It’s a rather small exhibition, probably due to the fact that few artists have embraced the new technologies currently being developed. Many of the exhibits I saw, I was already familiar with: Flight Patterns […]

Custom PCB for analog input

I have been toying with the idea of designing my own circuit boards and this post is about my very first board. Back in December,  I decided to give it a go and design something very simple. It was meant to be more like a training exercise, rather than a board I desperately needed.  The […]

PIR sensor + Arduino + Processing + Skype…

This post is about a simple and interesting combination of software and hardware. Last week, I picked up a couple of PIR sensors from Ebay. PIR sensors are (usually) easy to interface with an arduino board. Red: 5V, Black: Ground, Yellow: Analog In. Could it be easier than this? After a bit of experimentation, I […]