Hacking an IKEA mirror [part 3]

Step one was to draw the positions of the buttons on a piece of paper. I secured the drawing with some tape. P1000883_small

I first drilled pilot holes, then used a 16mm metal drillbit to widen the hole.P1000891 copy


A step drillbit was then used to accurately widen the button holes to the right size.

P1000897 copy

P1000898 copy

P1000899 copy


An additional hole was added for the tablet charging cable.

P1000903 copy

Wire harness in place.

P1000910 copy


The tablet stand was created from scratch, using a perforated steel sheet I had in the workshop.P1000904 copy


I drilled a hole first and then, using the vice and a piece of wood as a guide, I gave it the right shape. The gap is wide enough to accommodate even a 10″ tablet.

P1000906 copy

For now it holds an old Google Asus Nexus tablet

P1000912 copy


An angled USB charging cable makes the connection looking quite neat.

P1000917 copy