News & Interesting sites…

I had a day off today and ended up spending most of it surfing. Here are some interesting sites I found:

The following site has a great dissection of the Logitech 9000 pro camera, one of the best hi-def webcams for Linux: LINK.

Nanonote: a tiny $99 laptop that can run linux but has very limited conectivity (no WiFi, no ethernet, no host USB). Interesting concept though.

Openmoko are the creators of the FreeRunner, a linux mobile phone, which is very hackable.

The new Arduino Uno has been released. LadyAda has a great page on it. I love the idea that an Arduino can easily be converted to a custom keyboard. Now I need to buy one of these new boards!

And, finally, Shapeways, a Dutch company specialising in custom 3D printing. Funnily enough, I found them through .