Eye-Fi SD Card

This is an  SD card with a twist: it also has Wi-Fi which means that, if you use it with a digital camera, it allows you to send photos you’ve just captured on Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, email them or simply back them up online. Sounds like a simple & great idea. The site of the […]

Oomlout.co.uk – order received…

On Sunday night, I placed an order on the oomlout.co.uk site for a few bits I needed for a small project I’ve been working on. I received the parcel on Tuesday morning and was very pleased with the fast delivery. When I opened it, I was really impressed with everything. First of all, all the […]

Sparkfun Alarm Clock

Sparkun are selling the following simple clock on their site: Link This is a minimalistic clock that includes all the essential functions and is very similar to a product offered at Maplins in the UK that I have used before: Maplin link | My project which includes this module There are two differences between the […]

About the Oomlout.co.uk site

The www.oomlout.co.uk is a very interesting site. To begin with, they have an online shop where you can buy Arduino boards, shields and electronic components. Well, there are many sites that do exactly that. What’s interesting is that they’ve created a great Arduino Starter kit. This kit is the best kit I’ve seen around for […]