Jigsaw vs Table saw

I used my jigsaw, Bosch PST 900 PEL to cut a shelf from IKEA. That was a few months ago, when I didn’t own table saw. 

I recently got a nice table saw, DeWalt DW745 with a brand new Freud Pro LO40M blade and tried to see how good this cut would have been. I used the off cut of the original cut.



The left side is the Bosch cut, using the finest Bosch blade I had. The right side is the DeWalt table saw cut… No comparison really. No chipping, no marks. As good as a factory side!

The DeWalt is a fantastic piece of equipment. Every cut is perfect and it’s such very robust and extremely easy to use. The blade that comes with it was a bit to rough for my taste, as this table saw is meant to be for construction work. Replacing it with a Freud blade, made all the cuts a lot smoother.