Interesting blog on onboarding

I just came across this interesting blog post on onboarding new team members. Written by Kate Heddleston, a programmer who also enjoys talking about team management.

Jigsaw vs Table saw

I used my jigsaw, Bosch PST 900 PEL to cut a shelf from IKEA. That was a few months ago, when I didn’t own table saw.  I recently got a nice table saw, DeWalt DW745 with a brand new Freud Pro LO40M blade and tried to see how good this cut would have been. I […]

Unboxing Amazon Basics

I ordered a small adaptor from Amazon. I was expecting it to arrive in an envelope, only to find something bigger stuck in my mailbox…    My expectations were immediately raised. I opened the big package, only to find a smaller package…    That itself contained a tiny little adaptor:    This adaptor is really […]