Working with wood

I have recently started toying witth the idea of creating stuff using timber. Previously, due to lack of space and for the shake of my marriage, I refrained from working with timber. No matter how I tried to spin it, there is not enough space in an one-bed flat for wood-working… Now I have a […]

This is just a note to thyself about a fantastic project I stumbled upon by chance today.   This project allows the user to build nice and user-friendly dashboards easily. I'll be using it soon for a couple of projects I have in mind.

DS1307 RTC chip from Adafruit

RaspberryPi is a great budget computer. To keep the cost of the unit down, there is no real time clock. This is usually taken care of by the software: the operating system gets the accurate date-time automatically from one of the time servers. When a RaspberryPi is kept offline but accurate time keeping is needed, […]

Theodora’s Music Box

This is a short video of a project I completed last month: a music box for my goddaughter. This music box was put together using a Lego storage box, a raspberrypi B+ and a speaker, along with a few MP3s of original music box sounds and lullabies. Python and a few bash scripts took care […]

WiShield from async_labs

This past week, I got my hands on a WiShield 2.0 from Async Labs ( This is a very exiting addition to my collection of shields as it adds wifi capabilities to my projects! There is a nice wiki page on the async_labs site ( and relevant code (libraries & examples) is hosted at the […]

DECODE – Exhibition at the V&A Museum…

Yesterday, I visited the Decode exhibition at the V&A museum This exhibition is about creating interactive pieces using modern technology. It’s a rather small exhibition, probably due to the fact that few artists have embraced the new technologies currently being developed. Many of the exhibits I saw, I was already familiar with: Flight Patterns […]