Buffalo ADSL Modem/WiFi router

I spent a few hours today, trying to set up the Buffalo WBMR-HP-GN ADSL modem/wifi router. The set up was easy, with one small problem: I couldn’t get it to connect to the internet (which is kind of a big deal for an ADSL modem…). Anyway, the following article solved the problem: http://www.buffalo-technology.com/knowledgebase/users/kb.php?id=10268 Basically, when […]

More gadgets: iPad & 3G WiFi modem

Yesterday, I got an iPad at work (I love my job!), to replace my overweight and ageing A5 Filofax. It’s a US import, with only 16GB and no 3G, but hey, I got it for free, so I’m definitely not complaining! Web browsing is fantastic and the usual apple gestures make surfing very easy. Today, […]