simpleDateFormat in Processing

I spent about an hour, trying to figure out how to use the simpleDateFormat java library in Processing… It seemed so straight forward, yet I couldn’t get it to work… Well, it seems that the only thing I had to add is a try/catch. So, this example works: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 […]

Parsing files with Processing…

In the following basic example, I’m using Processing to parse a 2GB textfile. The textfile I’m using (content.rdf.u8) is from the project. You can download the compressed file here. As mentioned earlier, the size of the textfile, content.rdf.u8, is approx 2GB. For a sample of the contents and structure of the file, follow this […]

Processing, MySQL and RAM tables…

I’m currently working on a simulation model in Processing, which creates in every cycle, 350,000 lines of temporary data in chunks of 1,000 lines. I decided to save the temporary data in a MySQL table, as this allows me to easily add an extra query at the end that summarises everything and saves the final […]

About the ControlP5 library

One of the most useful libraries in Processing is the ControlP5 library, a library that allows the addition of various control elements (sliders, buttons, toolbars etc) in a project. The library, written by Andreas Schegel, is by far the best interface library available in Processing at this point. Here is the link: While this […]

Processing & Arduino book reviews

During the past 12 months, I have gone through a few books on Arduino and Processing. In this post, I’m going to give you my thoughts on these books. I’ll go through the books in the order I read them, which is not unfortunately the same as the order I should have read them. You’ll […]

Image manipulation with Processing (part 3)

This is one more example of what can be achieved with Processing. The problem here is to create a pop-art image using the famous Andy Warhol format: the same image is re-produced 9 times; each time, a different 3 colour combination is used (one colour for the background, one for the black pixels of the […]