Simple File Rename script in Python

import os indir = ‘c:\\datafilepath\\’ for filename in os.listdir(indir): if filename.startswith(“xyz_”): newname = filename.replace(“xyz_”,”abc_”) try: os.rename(indir + filename, indir + newname) print “[NEW]”, filename, “–>”, newname except: print “[OLD]”, filename, “–>”, newname

Robot Challenge 009

Not much progress to report. My compass module seems to have died, probably due to the fact I was feeding it 5V instead of the required 3.3V… Never mind, new module ordered. I’ve added a new level to the robot and now looks neater. Here are a couple of photos: With a camera (placeholder – […]

Robot Challenge 008

As promised, here is a video I’ve put together of the RC mode. Robot Challenge 008 from Arkadian.Eu on Vimeo. Also as promised, here is the Python code which, when run on a Raspberry Pi, it receives OSC signals from my iPad, interprets them and gets the Arduino board to perform the required action. This […]

Robot Challenge 007

I had a productive couple of days. Arkadian AV-1 is now operational as a remote control vehicle. Arduino I’m using the StandardFirmata library on the Arduino Mega 2560, with no modifications whatsoever. It was by far the easiest way to get RaspberryPi to control the 4 motors, receive feedback from the 4 sensors (on order […]

Robot Challenge 005

Today I have quite a bit of work to do on this project. By the end of the day, I should have a fully functional remote control vehicle. Earlier this morning, I finished the joystick. I will be using a Nexus 7 with touchOSC as my joystick and I put together the following layout: Rotating […]