Python & Gnuplot & AHK & Processing

Gnuplot is a great command line tool that creates very quickly graphs from data files. The official site of Gnuplot is: . To see examples of graphs produced by Gnuplot, you should have a look here: Using python and gnuplot, I produced approx 80 graphs similar to the one below, that fitted nicely […]

Arduino-based keyboard for Windows

Today, on the forums, a user had the following problem: he wanted to start video in quicktime by pressing a custom button on an arduino. Basically, the arduino board should act as a simple keyboard for the computer. I found this problem interesting and I ended up solving it. Here is the link to […]

Automating Screenshots with AutoHotKey

This is a tiny little script that can be extremely useful. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 loop { ; /capture=0 takes a screenshot of the whole desktop ; /capture=1 takes a screenshot of the active window ; /capture=2 takes a screenshot of the client area of the active window Run, […]