Python & Gnuplot & AHK & Processing

Gnuplot is a great command line tool that creates very quickly graphs from data files. The official site of Gnuplot is: . To see examples of graphs produced by Gnuplot, you should have a look here: Using python and gnuplot, I produced approx 80 graphs similar to the one below, that fitted nicely […]

DECODE – Exhibition at the V&A Museum…

Yesterday, I visited the Decode exhibition at the V&A museum This exhibition is about creating interactive pieces using modern technology. It’s a rather small exhibition, probably due to the fact that few artists have embraced the new technologies currently being developed. Many of the exhibits I saw, I was already familiar with: Flight Patterns […]

PIR sensor + Arduino + Processing + Skype…

This post is about a simple and interesting combination of software and hardware. Last week, I picked up a couple of PIR sensors from Ebay. PIR sensors are (usually) easy to interface with an arduino board. Red: 5V, Black: Ground, Yellow: Analog In. Could it be easier than this? After a bit of experimentation, I […]

Arduino Project: Intervalometer for Fuji cameras

This post is about an arduino-based intervalometer I built for my camera, a Fuji S9600 dSLR. I decided to go for a very simple interface: a rotary switch in the middle of a plastic box which would allow me to select 12 pre-defined intervals. I went for a switch and not a potentiometer because I […]

simpleDateFormat in Processing

I spent about an hour, trying to figure out how to use the simpleDateFormat java library in Processing… It seemed so straight forward, yet I couldn’t get it to work… Well, it seems that the only thing I had to add is a try/catch. So, this example works: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 […]

Parsing files with Processing…

In the following basic example, I’m using Processing to parse a 2GB textfile. The textfile I’m using (content.rdf.u8) is from the project. You can download the compressed file here. As mentioned earlier, the size of the textfile, content.rdf.u8, is approx 2GB. For a sample of the contents and structure of the file, follow this […]